Schedule & Results, Oakridge Classic Houseleague Tournament, 2018-2019 (Oakridge Aeros Minor Hockey)

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Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 8, 2019
MinPW A110:00 AMWF-City London Bandits151-1Oakridge Aeros 15
MinPW B210:15 AMWF-HanQ West London 356-2Oakridge Aeros 25
MinPW B310:30 AMBost-B Waterloo Green4-1Kitchener Aeros
MinPW C410:30 AMCarl-B West London 456-1North London 25
MinPW A510:30 AMWF-Coll Waterloo Red3-2Kitchener Bisons
MinPW C610:45 AMWF-Tonys Waterloo Gold0-4Kitchener Lions
MinBan A1011:00 AMWF-City North London 171-1London Bandits 27
MinBan A711:00 AMBost-A Kitchener Wildcats6-1Oakridge Aeros 17
MinPW D811:00 AMCarl-A Kitchener Moose2-2North London 15
MinPW D911:00 AMOakridge Kitchener Rattlers4-3West London 15
BantWh A1111:15 AMWF-HanQ Mt. Brydges Blue4-2Oakville Yetis
BantWh B1211:30 AMBost-B Woolwich Bantam LL14-2Guelph #2 Red
BantWh A1311:30 AMCarl-B Harrow Rams Blue1-1Burlington Rangers
AtomWh1411:30 AMWF-Coll Milton Snipers4-7New Hamburg Huskies LL3
AtomWh1511:45 AMWF-Tonys Southwest Bullets White5-0Oakville Knights
BantWh B1612:00 PMBost-A South Kent Lightning 0-7Oakville Marauders
Novice A1712:00 PMCarl-A West London B27-0Oakville Flames
Novice A1812:00 PMOakridge North London B26-0Oakridge Aeros A2
BantWh B1912:00 PMWF-City Lambton Shores Red4-0Oakville Black Ice
Novice B2012:15 PMWF-HanQ Simcoe Warriors0-3West London D2
Novice B2112:30 PMBost-B Caledonia Thunder5-5North London A2
Novice B2212:30 PMCarl-B Harrow Rams 4-1West London C2
PWWhite 2312:30 PMWF-Coll Southwest Bullets6-1Sarnia Big Daddy's BBQ
MinAtom A2412:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Generals0-6North London 23
MinAtom A251:00 PMBost-A Oakville Flames5-4Oakridge Aeros 13
MinAtom B261:00 PMCarl-A Kitchener Platers2-7West London 13
MinAtom B271:00 PMOakridge London Bandits 133-1North London 13
PWWhite 281:00 PMWF-City Harrow Rams Blue2-2Sarnia White Warriors
MinBan B291:15 PMWF-HanQ Kitchener Rock3-0Oakridge Aeros 27
AtomRed A301:30 PMBost-B Kitchener AtoMc Green5-2Oakridge A4
MinBan B311:30 PMCarl-B Kitchener Cobras 2-0West London 17
AtomRed B321:30 PMWF-Coll Kitchener AtoMc Blue7-2Oakridge Aeros B4
AtomRed A331:45 PMWF-Tonys North London C41-4North London A4
PWRed A342:00 PMBost-A Kitchener Pirates0-3Oakridge Aeros A6
AtomRed B352:00 PMCarl-A Kitchener AtoMc Red4-3North London B4
PWRed A362:00 PMOakridge London Bandits B60-1 North London B6
PWRed B372:00 PMWF-City Kitchener Royals 0-6Oakridge Aeros B6
PWRed B382:15 PMWF-HanQ West London C61-2North London C6
BantRed392:30 PMBost-B Kitchener Admirals2-3Oakridge Aeros B8
BantRed402:30 PMCarl-B Kitchener Bears1-3Oakridge Aeros A8
BantRed412:30 PMWF-Coll Kitchener Rams1-1North London Crazy B8s
MinPW A422:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakridge Aeros 150-3Waterloo Red
MinPW B433:00 PMBost-A Kitchener Aeros1-5West London 35
MinPW A443:00 PMCarl-A Kitchener Bisons3-0London Bandits15
MinPW B453:00 PMOakridge Oakridge Aeros 251-7Waterloo Green
MinPW C463:00 PMWF-City North London 251-1Waterloo Gold
MinPW C473:15 PMWF-HanQ Kitchener Lions4-3West London 45
MinPW D483:30 PMBost-B North London 152-3Kitchener Rattlers
MinPW D493:30 PMCarl-B West London 154-6Kitchener Moose
MinBan A503:30 PMWF-Coll Barrie Team Douma2-7London Bandits 27
BantWh A513:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakville Yetis1-1Harrow Rams Blue
BantWh A524:00 PMBost-A Burlington Rangers0-5Mt. Brydges Blue
AtomWh534:00 PMCarl-A Oakville Knights 7-4New Hamburg Huskies LL3
MinBan A544:00 PMOakridge North London 171-2Kitchener Wildcats
BantWh B554:00 PMWF-City Guelph #2 Red6-0South Kent Lightning
BantWh B564:15 PMWF-HanQ Oakville Marauders4-0Lambton Shores Red
Novice A574:30 PMBost-B Oakville Flames1-8North London B2
AtomWh584:30 PMCarl-B Erie North Shore Storm5-1Milton Snipers
Novice A594:30 PMWF-Coll Oakridge Aeros A21-5West London B2
Novice B604:45 PMWF-Tonys West London D21-7Harrow Rams
MinAtom A615:00 PMBost-A North London 232-2Oakville Flames
Novice B625:00 PMCarl-A West London C23-5Caledonia Thunder
Novice B635:00 PMOakridge North London A25-0Simcoe Warriors
BantWh B645:00 PMWF-City Oakville Black Ice 1-6Woolwich Bantam LL1
MinAtom B655:15 PMWF-HanQ West London 131-2London Bandits 13
MinAtom A665:30 PMBost-B Oakridge Aeros 131-6Kitchener Generals
MinAtom B675:30 PMCarl-B North London 139-2Kitchener Platers
MinBan B685:30 PMWF-Coll West London 170-1Kitchener Rock
MinBan B695:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakridge Aeros 270-0Kitchener Cobras
AtomRed B706:00 PMBost-A North London B42-3Kitchener AtoMc Blue
AtomRed A716:00 PMCarl-A North London C45-4Kitchener AtoMc Green
AtomRed A726:00 PMOakridge North London A46-4Oakridge A4
PWRed A736:00 PMWF-City Oakridge Aeros A64-1London Bandits B6
AtomRed B746:15 PMWF-HanQ Oakridge Aeros B40-5Kitchener AtoMc Red
PWRed B756:30 PMBost-B Oakridge Aeros B66-0West London C6
PWRed A766:30 PMCarl-B North London B60-3Kitchener Pirates
PWRed B776:30 PMWF-Coll North London C63-3Kitchener Royals
PWWhite 786:45 PMWF-Tonys Sarnia White Warriors0-3Sarnia Big Daddy's BBQ
MinMid B797:00 PMBost-A Oakville Red Barons1-6Waterloo White
PWWhite 807:00 PMCarl-A Harrow Rams Blue3-4Southwest Bullets
MinMid A817:00 PMWF-City West London 196-0Oakville Lightning
MinMid A827:15 PMWF-HanQ North London 290-7Oakridge Aeros 29
BantRed837:30 PMBost-B Oakridge Aeros B83-1Kitchener Bears
MinMid B847:30 PMCarl-B North London 194-3West London 29
BantRed857:30 PMWF-Coll North London Crazy B8s2-4Kitchener Admirals
Midget A867:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Colts4-1Oakridge Aeros B9
Midget B878:00 PMBost-A Hespeler Shamrocks2-3Oakridge Aeros A9
Midget A888:00 PMCarl-A Kitchener Renegades3-0Pt. Edward Blackhawks
Midget A898:00 PMWF-City St. Catharines CYO White Wings0-6Mt. Brydges Gold
BantRed908:15 PMWF-HanQ Oakridge Aeros A82-1Kitchener Rams
Midget B918:30 PMCarl-B Kitchener Lancers 1-6North London C9
Midget B928:30 PMWF-Coll Kitchener Rebels3-2Ilderton Jets
Saturday, February 9, 2019
AtomRed B958:00 AMBost-A Kitchener AtoMc Blue4-2Kitchener AtoMc Red
AtomRed A978:15 AMWF-HanQ North London C41-0Oakridge A4
AtomRed B948:30 AMWF-Coll North London B46-0Oakridge Aeros B4
MinAtom A988:30 AMBost-B North London 237-0Oakridge Aeros 13
MinAtom A1008:45 AMWF-Tonys Oakville Flames1-1Kitchener Generals
MinPW B1019:00 AMBost-A West London 352-0Waterloo Green
MinPW C1029:00 AMOakridge Kitchener Lions6-5North London 25
MinPW A1039:00 AMWF-City Kitchener Bisons5-2Oakridge Aeros 15
MinPW B1049:15 AMWF-HanQ Kitchener Aeros3-1Oakridge Aeros 25
MinPW A1059:30 AMBost-B Waterloo Red4-4London Bandits15
AtomRed A969:30 AMWF-Coll North London A44-1Kitchener AtoMc Green
MinBan A1079:45 AMWF-Tonys Kitchener Wildcats7-2Barrie Team Douma
MinBan A10810:00 AMBost-A North London 171-1Oakridge Aeros 17
MinPW D10910:00 AMOakridge West London 154-5North London 15
MinMid A11010:00 AMWF-City Oakridge Aeros 295-0West London 19
MinAtom B11110:15 AMWF-HanQ North London 134-3West London 13
MinPW D11210:30 AMBost-B Kitchener Moose3-0Kitchener Rattlers
MinAtom B9910:30 AMWF-Coll Kitchener Platers0-5London Bandits 13
MinMid B11410:45 AMWF-Tonys West London 292-3Oakville Red Barons
MinMid A11511:00 AMBost-A Oakville Lightning 5-4North London 29
MinPW C11611:00 AMWF-City West London 453-2Waterloo Gold
Novice A11711:15 AMWF-HanQ Oakville Flames0-5Oakridge Aeros A2
AtomWh10611:30 AMWF-Coll Oakville Knights 2-1Erie North Shore Storm
Novice B11811:30 AMBost-B Harrow Rams 2-0North London A2
Novice B11911:45 AMWF-Tonys Caledonia Thunder6-1West London D2
Novice B12012:00 PMBost-A Simcoe Warriors0-5West London C2
MinMid B12112:00 PMWF-City Waterloo White3-0North London 19
Midget B12212:15 PMWF-HanQ North London C95-0Hespeler Shamrocks
AtomWh11312:30 PMWF-Coll New Hamburg Huskies LL30-6Southwest Bullets White
Midget B12312:30 PMBost-B Ilderton Jets2-2Kitchener Lancers
Novice A12412:45 PMWF-Tonys North London B23-3West London B2
Midget A1251:00 PMBost-A Pt. Edward Blackhawks3-1St. Catharines CYO White Wings
Midget A1261:00 PMWF-City Oakridge Aeros B92-4Kitchener Renegades
Midget A1271:15 PMWF-HanQ Mt. Brydges Gold0-5Kitchener Colts
Midget B1281:30 PMBost-B Oakridge Aeros A94-6Kitchener Rebels
BantRed1291:30 PMWF-Coll Kitchener Admirals3-3Oakridge Aeros A8
BantRed1301:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Bears2-5North London Crazy B8s
BantRed1312:00 PMBost-A Kitchener Rams1-2Oakridge Aeros B8
PWRed A1322:00 PMOakridge North London B60-2Oakridge Aeros A6
PWRed A1332:00 PMWF-City London Bandits B66-1Kitchener Pirates
PWWhite 1342:15 PMWF-HanQ Sarnia Big Daddy's BBQ3-3Harrow Rams Blue
PWWhite 1352:30 PMBost-B Southwest Bullets4-1Sarnia White Warriors
PWRed B1362:30 PMWF-Coll West London C61-2Kitchener Royals
MinBan B1372:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Cobras 1-2Kitchener Rock
BantWh B1383:00 PMBost-A Lambton Shores Red6-4Guelph #2 Red
PWRed B1393:00 PMOakridge North London C61-2Oakridge Aeros B6
BantWh B1403:00 PMWF-City Woolwich Bantam LL11-4Oakville Marauders
BantWh B1413:15 PMWF-HanQ South Kent Lightning 0-0Oakville Black Ice
MinBan A1423:30 PMBost-B Oakridge Aeros 172-3Barrie Team Douma
BantWh A1433:30 PMWF-Coll Mt. Brydges Blue2-5Harrow Rams Blue
BantWh A1443:45 PMWF-Tonys Burlington Rangers3-5Oakville Yetis
AtomWh1454:00 PMBost-A Milton Snipers1-0Oakville Knights
MinBan B1464:00 PMOakridge West London 172-2Oakridge Aeros 27
MinBan A1474:00 PMWF-City Kitchener Wildcats3-1London Bandits 27
MinPW Ch148-QF14:15 PMWF-HanQ Waterloo Green2-1Waterloo Red
MinAtom Ch149-SF14:30 PMBost-B Oakville Flames1-3London Bandits 13
AtomRed Ch150-SF14:30 PMWF-Coll North London C41-8Kitchener AtoMc Blue
MinPW Ch151-QF24:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Bisons3-2West London 35
MinAtom Ch152-SF25:00 PMBost-A North London 132-4North London 23
AtomRed Ch153-SF25:00 PMOakridge Kitchener AtoMc Red3-1North London A4
MinPW Ch154-QF35:00 PMWF-City Kitchener Rattlers0-2Kitchener Lions
Novice Ch155-QF5:30 PMWF-HanQ North London A25-4Caledonia Thunder
AtomWh1565:45 PMBost-B Erie North Shore Storm3-4Southwest Bullets White
MinPW Ch157-QF45:45 PMWF-Coll West London 453-2Kitchener Moose
MinMid A1586:00 PMWF-Tonys North London 292-5West London 19
MinMid B1596:15 PMBost-A Waterloo White5-1West London 29
MinMid B1606:15 PMWF-City North London 193-0Oakville Red Barons
MinMid A1616:45 PMBost-B Oakville Lightning 1-2Oakridge Aeros 29
Midget B1626:45 PMWF-HanQ Hespeler Shamrocks3-2Ilderton Jets
Midget A1637:00 PMWF-Coll Kitchener Colts5-0Pt. Edward Blackhawks
BantRed Ch164-SF7:15 PMBost-A Kitchener Admirals1-8Oakridge Aeros A8
PWRed Ch165-SF17:15 PMWF-City London Bandits B60-4Oakridge Aeros B6
PWRed Ch168-SF27:15 PMWF-Tonys North London C63-2Oakridge Aeros A6
Midget B1667:45 PMBost-B Kitchener Lancers 7-3Oakridge Aeros A9
Midget B1677:45 PMWF-HanQ Kitchener Rebels1-2North London C9
BantWh Ch169-QF8:00 PMWF-Coll Lambton Shores Red1-4Woolwich Bantam LL1
Midget A1708:30 PMWF-City Kitchener Renegades3-0Mt. Brydges Gold
Midget A1718:30 PMWF-Tonys St. Catharines CYO White Wings0-4Oakridge Aeros B9
Sunday, February 10, 2019
Novice Ch173-SF17:30 AMWF-Coll West London B23-7Harrow Rams
Novice Ch174-SF27:45 AMWF-Tonys North London A22-1North London B2
MinPW Ch175-SF28:00 AMWF-City Kitchener Lions4-1Kitchener Bisons
AtomWh1768:15 AMWF-HanQ New Hamburg Huskies LL37-2Erie North Shore Storm
MinPW Ch172-SF18:30 AMWF-Coll West London 453-2Waterloo Green
MinBan Ch178-SF8:45 AMWF-Tonys Kitchener Cobras 3-2Kitchener Rock
BantWh Ch180-SF19:00 AMWF-City Mt. Brydges Blue0-5Oakville Marauders
MinBan A1799:15 AMWF-HanQ London Bandits 272-1Oakridge Aeros 17
AtomWh1779:45 AMWF-Coll Southwest Bullets White0-0Milton Snipers
BantWh Ch182-SF210:00 AMWF-Tonys Woolwich Bantam LL15-2Harrow Rams Blue
MinBan A18310:15 AMWF-HanQ North London 173-0Barrie Team Douma
BantRed Ch184-Final10:15 AMWF-City Oakridge Aeros A82-0Oakridge Aeros B8
MinMid Ch181-SF111:00 AMWF-Coll West London 190-2Waterloo White
MinMid Ch185-SF211:15 AMWF-Tonys North London 195-4Oakridge Aeros 29
Midget Ch186-SF111:15 AMWF-HanQ Kitchener Renegades2-8North London C9
PWRed Ch187-Final11:45 AMWF-City North London C61-3Oakridge Aeros B6
AtomRed Ch190-Final12:15 PMWF-Coll Kitchener AtoMc Red4-0Kitchener AtoMc Blue
Midget Ch188-SF212:30 PMWF-HanQ Kitchener Rebels4-3Kitchener Colts
PWWhite Ch189-Final12:30 PMWF-Tonys Sarnia Big Daddy's BBQ0-4Southwest Bullets
MinPW Ch191-Final 1:15 PMWF-City Kitchener Lions1-4West London 45
MinAtom Ch192-Final1:45 PMWF-HanQ North London 237-0London Bandits 13
BantWh Ch194-Final1:45 PMWF-Coll Woolwich Bantam LL11-5Oakville Marauders
AtomWh Ch193-Final2:00 PMWF-Tonys Oakville Knights 0-4Southwest Bullets White
MinBan Ch195-Final2:45 PMWF-City Kitchener Cobras 2-3Kitchener Wildcats
Novice Ch196-Final3:15 PMWF-HanQ North London A22-4Harrow Rams
MinMid Ch197-Final3:15 PMWF-Coll North London 191-2Waterloo White
Midget Ch198-Final4:30 PMWF-HanQ Kitchener Rebels1-2North London C9
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