Minor Atom, Divisions, Oakridge House League Classic (Oakridge Aeros Minor Hockey)

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Minor Atom
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 7, 2020
MinAtom-C110:00 AMBost-A Kitchener SpitfiresOakridge Aeros 23
MinAtom-C310:00 AMWF-City Kitchener KnightsWest London 13
MinAtom-A710:30 AMWF-Coll Kitchener PlatersNorth London 13
MinAtom-A1011:00 AMCarl-A Milton Golden KnightsOakville Dominators
MinAtom-B1111:00 AMWF-City Kitchener BullsOakville Wolverines
MinAtom-C911:00 AMBost-A Kitchener OttersOakville Wolves
MinAtom-B1311:30 AMBost-B Milton Red DevilsNorth London 23
MinAtom-B433:00 PMCarl-A Oakridge Aeros 13Kitchener Bulls
MinAtom-A443:00 PMWF-City Oakville DominatorsKitchener Platers
MinAtom-A453:15 PMWF-HQ North London 13Milton Golden Knights
MinAtom-C463:30 PMBost-B Oakridge Aeros 23Kitchener Otters
MinAtom-C473:30 PMCarl-B West London 13Kitchener Spitfires
MinAtom-C483:30 PMWF-Coll Oakville WolvesKitchener Knights
MinAtom-B493:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakville WolverinesMilton Red Devils
MinAtom-B736:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakridge Aeros 13North London 23
Saturday, February 8, 2020
MinAtom-A887:45 AMWF-Tonys Kitchener PlatersMilton Golden Knights
MinAtom-A898:00 AMBost-A North London 13Oakville Dominators
MinAtom-C908:15 AMWF-HQ Kitchener KnightsOakridge Aeros 23
MinAtom-C918:30 AMBost-B Kitchener OttersWest London 13
MinAtom-B928:30 AMWF-Coll Milton Red DevilsKitchener Bulls
MinAtom-B938:45 AMWF-Tonys North London 23Oakville Wolverines
MinAtom-C1009:45 AMWF-Tonys Kitchener SpitfiresOakville Wolves
MinAtom-B1221:15 PMWF-HQ Milton Red DevilsOakridge Aeros 13
MinAtom-B1424:15 PMBost-A Kitchener BullsNorth London 23
MinAtom-Ch145-QF14:45 PMWF-Tonys Wild Card 1st seed (Div A or C)1st Place Div A
MinAtom-B1505:30 PMWF-HQ Oakville WolverinesOakridge Aeros 13
MinAtom-Ch152-QF26:00 PMWF-Tonys Wild Card 2nd seed (Div A or C)1st Place Div C
Sunday, February 9, 2020
MinAtom-Ch170-SF18:30 AMWF-Coll 2nd Place Div BWinner QF2
MinAtom-Ch173-SF29:15 AMWF-Tonys Winner QF11st Place Div B
MinAtom-Ch186-Final2:00 PMWF-Tonys Winner SF2Winner SF1
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Bost-A - Bostwick Community Centre - Pad A, 501 Southdale Rd. West , London , ON
  • Bost-B - Bostwick Community Centre - Pad B, 501 Southdale Rd. West, London , ON
  • Carl-A - Carling Arena - Pad A, 675 Grosvenor St., London, ON
  • Carl-B - Carling Arena - Pad B, 675 Grosvenor St., London , ON
  • WF-Tonys - Western Fair Sports Centre - Tony’s, 865 Florence St., London , ON
  • WF-Coll - Western Fair Sports Centre - Collins Clothier, 865 Florence St., London , ON
  • WF-HQ - Western Fair Sports Centre - Hanstone Quartz, 865 Florence St., London , ON
  • WF-City - Western Fair Sports Centre - London City Chrysler, 865 Florence St., London, ON

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