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This Team is part of the 2019-2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Aug 18, 2019 | Greg French | 458 views
Welcome to the Oakridge Aeros Peewee MD 2019-2020 Season!!
Welcome back to those who have been apart of the Oakridge Aeros MD program and welcome to any newcomers. Below I've provided some details about the objectives for the season and my philosophy as a coach. Should anyone have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a message.

I am very excited to be back as head coach of the 2007 age group. I will be introducing some new systems this year adding to the development from previous seasons. I look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks.

Overall Team Philosophy: 

· This is a game and therefore it should be fun 
· The goal of every shift is to be first to the puck every time 
· Each and every player plays for the team and not individual stats 
· We win and lose as a team 
· Whether it is a goal against or a goal for, we play with respect 
· You play as you practice, so be ready to come to the rink and work hard each and every time you hit the ice 
· Player development is achieved by playing and practicing and therefore I am a true believer of rolling the lines evenly and playing the goalies equally. There may be times I notice coaching opportunities and therefore a shift may be shorter so that I can provide immediate feedback to the player(s) but they will immediately role back in line · Keeping with the team first philosophy, should any player impact the team in a negative way (not changing when asked, not passing the puck, saying negative things to team mates, overreacting or being disrespectful, taking unnecessary penalties, Etc...) there will be consequences along with feedback from the coach on what to do to avoid the behavior in the future. The parents will be involved throughout the coaching opportunity. 

Progression of consequences are:   

First occurrence: Verbal warning 
Second occurrence: Sitting a shift to reflect 
Third occurrence: Sitting two shifts to reflect 
Continued occurrences: Sitting three shifts 
Continued occurrences: Meeting between coach, parent and executive representative about next steps 
Continued occurrences: Discussion with parent and executive about possible suspension 
Continued occurrences: Discussion with executive about removing the child from the team 

· We also have a “Get back to work” approach to our coaching. What is meant by “get back to work” is that after any goal for or against the players will be expected to react in an appropriate and respectful manner then line up and “get back to work”. Whether we get a goal against or for we still have work to do until the last horn/buzzer sounds. We pick each other up as a team when a goal is scored and work to get it back, and we celebrate respectfully and line up to get the next goal after we score. The main reason for this approach is to teach the boys how to be respectful competitors, win or lose. The other reason is we may be short on time and need to get a goal back, or we may be able to take advantage of an opponent who is not ready to “get back to work”.   

Team Objectives: 

· Have fun each and every time we are together 
· Improve the skill level of each and every player 
· Develop a team atmosphere 
· Teach each player what it is like to be an athlete 
· Develop a family type atmosphere 
· Create an atmosphere of open communication
· Alliance Tier 1 Championship Finals