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This Team is part of the 2014-2015 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Aug 19, 2014 | Scott Osborne | 2137 views
Introduction / Coaching Philosophy / Important Info.
Hello parents and players, my name is Scott Osborne and I will be coaching the Atom MD team this season.  As the summer quickly comes to an end, I look forward to hitting the ice!  Since I learned back in June that I would be coaching the team, I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about my coaching philosophy and how I would like to approach the team / upcoming season.  As a result, I wanted to give everyone a chance to see my philosophy and my approach to a number of important aspects related to the team and our season.

Important Skills / Traits to be Developed (in no particular order)












For me, this is one of the most important skills (if not the most important) for anyone wishing to play hockey, especially at the competitive level.  Throughout the season, the coaching staff and I will spend a fair bit of time working on skating drills; however, I would encourage you to consider placing your son in one of the power skating ‘schools’ that are offered throughout or around the city.



Game Days

I would like all players to arrive at each game 45 minutes before the start time.  This ensures that players have sufficient time to get ready.  I would also ask parents to vacate the room 10 minutes before the game starts so that the coaches can speak to the players regarding the game.  Immediately following each game, I would like parents to remain outside the dressing room so the coaching staff has a chance to address the events of the game.  We will speak to the players quickly and briefly so everyone can head home as soon as possible. 



Ice Time

I believe that it is important for the players to receive fair / equal ice time.  Throughout the season, the coaching staff will see to it that ice time is distributed fairly.  However, there may be times when we are playing games of significance or wind up in a situation at the end of a game where we feel it is necessary to switch up the lines to give the team a greater chance to achieve a certain position / result, which may cause a temporary imbalance of ice time. 






**Most of our regularly scheduled practices will be Tuesdays at 6:30 (70 minutes)at Kinsmen Arena and Saturdays at 4:30 (50 minutes) at Farquharson

It is important / necessary that players attend the scheduled practices.  Please inform the coaching staff (primarily me) if your son is going to miss practice.  I tend to divide my practices into 3 - 4 parts. Most of the time, I will begin with skating drills to develop the players’ fundamentals and warm them up.  The second part of practices will focus on small skill stations or circuits through which the players will rotate.  The third part of practices will focus on larger group drills that deal with attacking and defending the offensive and defensive zones.  Finally, if time permits or the coaching staff feels it’s necessary, we will play a scrimmage to work on the skills / plays we have been trying to develop.




As a coaching staff, we will determine through games and practices how best to organize the players in their positions and lines.  This may require adjustments throughout the season to find the best and most effective positions and lines.




We will be playing in 3 tournaments this season:


Kitchener Oktoberfest Tournament - October 23 - 26

Port Huron Thanksgiving Tournament - Final weekend of November

West London Byron Optimist Tournament - January 30 - February 1



**Overall, throughout the season, I / we hope to help the players develop into better individual and team athletes.  I look forward to a successful season on a number of different levels.




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