Schedule & Results, Oakridge House League Classic, 2016-2017 (Oakridge Aeros Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 10, 2017
Novice-B18:00 AMCarl-A West London D22-7Oakridge B2
Novice-B28:00 AMStron-A North London B23-1Oakridge A2
Novice-A38:30 AMCarl-B West London B26-4Oakridge C2
MinAtom-A48:30 AMKins-B North London 232-3West London 33
AtomWh-A58:30 AMStron-B West London A44-2London Bandits C4
MinNov69:00 AMCarl-A Oakridge 111-6North London 11
PWRed-A79:00 AMOakridge North London C60-5London Bandits C6
AtomWh-B89:00 AMStron-A West London C41-2Oakridge A4 Black Knights
MinorPW-A109:30 AMKins-B North London 151-0Oakridge 25
Novice-A119:30 AMStron-B Sarnia Teal Sharks6-0North London A2
MinNov129:30 AMWF-Harv Oakridge 312-2North London 21 Avengers
PWWhite-B99:30 AMCarl-B Strathroy Rockets Blue4-1North London B6
MinNov139:45 AMWF-Tonys London Bandits 113-3North London 31
MinorPW-C1410:00 AMCarl-A Kitchener Grizzlies1-4Oakridge 35
MinAtom-B1510:00 AMOakridge London Bandits 333-8North London 13
PWRed-B1610:00 AMStron-A Port Stanley LL26-1Oakridge A6
Novice-B1710:00 AMWF-City Kitchener Wild4-4London Bandits D2
MinAtom-C1810:15 AMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener Knights3-4North London 33 Panthers
Bantam-A1910:30 AMCarl-B Cambridge Maple Leafs0-7North London C8
MinAtom-C2010:30 AMKins-B London Bandits 234-1Oakridge 13
PWRed-A2110:30 AMStron-B Kitchener Rampage 3-1Waterloo Sharks
Bantam-A2210:30 AMWF-Harv West Lorne Comets4-3Paris Wolfpack
MinBan-C2310:45 AMWF-Tonys North London 272-0Oakridge 27
MinorPW-B2411:00 AMCarl-A Kitchener Moose3-2Oakridge 15
MinAtom-B2511:00 AMOakridge Kitchener Wolves0-3West London 13
PWRed-B2611:00 AMStron-A Guelph Gryphons Green2-3Oakridge B6
MinAtom-A2711:00 AMWF-City Kitchener Bulls3-1Kitchener Otters
AtomRed-A2811:15 AMWF-W/HSQ Oakridge B43-0West London B4
MinBan-A2911:30 AMCarl-B Kitchener Scouts3-1North London 37
MinBan-A3011:30 AMKins-B Oakville Winterhawks2-2West London 17
MinorPW-C3111:30 AMStron-B Oakville Red Bulls4-1North London 25
AtomWh-A3211:30 AMWF-Harv Ayr Flames 32-5Harrow Rams
MinorPW-A3311:45 AMWF-Tonys Oakville Black Knights3-2KItchener Tigers
MinBan-C3412:00 PMCarl-A Port Credit Storm 830-5Kitchener Stingrays
MinorPW-C3512:00 PMOakridge Barrie Gray3-0West London 25
AtomWh-B3612:00 PMStron-A St. Catharines CYO Redwings0-6West Lorne Comets
MinBan-B3712:00 PMWF-City Kitchener Raiders2-1Barrie Gray
PWRed-B3812:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Barrie RYR Sports4-3London Bandits A6
MinBan-B3912:30 PMCarl-B Oakridge 373-0Oakville Royals
Bantam-C4012:30 PMKins-B Oakridge B85-1Mooretown Black
Bantam-C4112:30 PMStron-B Oakridge A87-2Newmarket Redmen Blue
PWWhite-A4212:30 PMWF-Harv Woolwich Wildcats LL26-1Barrie Orange
PWWhite-A4312:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakville Wild1-6Lambton Shores Red
PWWhite-B441:00 PMCarl-A Caledonia Sharks1-0Strathroy Rockets Blue
Bantam-C451:00 PMOakridge London Bandits C84-0Guelph Hornets
Bantam-B461:00 PMStron-A North London B83-2Tillsonburg Tornados LL1
AtomRed-A471:00 PMWF-City Kitchener AtoMc Grey0-7Barrie Blackhawks
AtomRed-B481:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener AtoMc White3-3North London C4
AtomRed-B491:30 PMCarl-B Kitchener AtoMc Red0-2Barrie Redhawks
Bantam-B501:30 PMStron-B Cambridge Penguins 3-1Hespeler Shamrocks
MinorPW-B511:30 PMWF-Harv Meadowvale Hawks 062 7-0Oakville Avalanche
MinNov521:45 PMWF-Tonys North London 119-3London Bandits 11
Novice-B532:00 PMCarl-A Oakridge B23-3Kitchener Wild
MinNov542:00 PMOakridge North London 21 Avengers3-1Oakridge 11
Novice-B552:00 PMStron-A Oakridge A21-3West London D2
Novice-B562:00 PMWF-City London Bandits D24-3North London B2
Novice-A572:15 PMWF-W/HSQ North London A22-1West London B2
MinNov582:30 PMCarl-B North London 318-5Oakridge 31
PWRed-A592:30 PMStron-B Waterloo Sharks2-1North London C6
PWRed-A602:30 PMWF-Harv London Bandits C65-0Kitchener Rampage
Novice-A612:45 PMWF-Tonys Sarnia Teal Sharks10-3Oakridge C2
Bantam-A623:00 PMCarl-A North London C82-6West Lorne Comets
Bantam-A633:00 PMOakridge Paris Wolfpack9-2Cambridge Maple Leafs
MinAtom-C643:00 PMStron-A North London 33 Panthers2-2London Bandits 23
MinAtom-C653:00 PMWF-City Oakridge 133-10Kitchener Knights
MinAtom-B663:15 PMWF-W/HSQ North London 135-1Kitchener Wolves
MinAtom-B673:30 PMCarl-B West London 133-2London Bandits 33
MinAtom-A683:30 PMStron-B West London 333-4Kitchener Bulls
MinAtom-A693:30 PMWF-Harv North London 233-2Kitchener Otters
MinorPW-C703:45 PMWF-Tonys North London 250-3Kitchener Grizzlies
AtomWh-B714:00 PMCarl-A West Lorne Comets4-1West London C4
MinorPW-C724:00 PMOakridge Oakridge 354-2Barrie Gray
AtomWh-B734:00 PMStron-A Oakridge A4 Black Knights5-1St. Catharines CYO Redwings
AtomWh-A744:00 PMWF-City Ayr Flames 30-5West London A4
AtomWh-A754:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Harrow Rams1-4London Bandits C4
PWRed-B764:30 PMCarl-B London Bandits A62-6Port Stanley LL2
PWRed-B774:30 PMStron-B Oakridge A67-2Guelph Gryphons Green
PWRed-B784:30 PMWF-Harv Oakridge B61-5Barrie RYR Sports
PWWhite-A794:45 PMWF-Tonys Barrie Orange1-8Lambton Shores Red
PWWhite-A805:00 PMCarl-A Oakville Wild2-4Woolwich Wildcats LL2
MinorPW-C815:00 PMOakridge West London 254-2Oakville Red Bulls
MinBan-A825:00 PMStron-A West London 174-1Kitchener Scouts
MinBan-A835:00 PMWF-City North London 375-1Oakville Winterhawks
MinBan-C845:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Oakridge 277-1Port Credit Storm 83
AtomRed-B855:30 PMCarl-B North London C47-0Kitchener AtoMc Red
MinBan-C865:30 PMStron-B Kitchener Stingrays 0-5North London 27
AtomRed-B875:30 PMWF-Harv Barrie Redhawks1-1Kitchener AtoMc White
AtomRed-A885:45 PMWF-Tonys Barrie Blackhawks2-4Oakridge B4
AtomRed-A896:00 PMCarl-A West London B42-2Kitchener AtoMc Grey
PWWhite-B906:00 PMOakridge North London B63-2Caledonia Sharks
MinorPW-B916:00 PMStron-A Oakridge 151-2Meadowvale Hawks 062
MinBan-B926:00 PMWF-City Oakville Royals0-3Kitchener Raiders
Bantam-B936:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Hespeler Shamrocks0-6North London B8
Bantam-B946:30 PMCarl-B Tillsonburg Tornados LL15-1Cambridge Penguins
MinorPW-A956:30 PMStron-B KItchener Tigers3-3North London 15
MinorPW-A966:30 PMWF-Harv Oakridge 257-2Oakville Black Knights
MinorPW-B976:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakville Avalanche1-7Kitchener Moose
Bantam-C1007:00 PMWF-City Guelph Hornets1-4Oakridge A8
MinBan-B987:00 PMCarl-A Barrie Gray0-6Oakridge 37
Bantam-C997:00 PMStron-A Newmarket Redmen Blue0-5Oakridge B8
Bantam-C1017:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Mooretown Black1-4London Bandits C8
MinMid-A1027:30 PMCarl-B North London 195-2Oakridge 19
MinMid-A1037:30 PMStron-B Guelph Team 40-0West London 19
MinMid-B1047:30 PMWF-Harv North London 295-1Oakridge 39
MinMid-B1057:45 PMWF-Tonys Barrie Colts2-4West London 29
MinMid-C1068:00 PMCarl-A Kitchener Crunch2-3North London 39
MinMid-C1078:00 PMWF-City Port Credit 1030-5North London 49
MinMid-C1088:00 PMStron-A Whitby Team 53-6London Bandits 29
Midget-A1098:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener Colts0-7Oakridge C9
Midget-A1108:30 PMCarl-B North London A94-1Hespeler Shamrocks
Midget-B1118:30 PMStron-B Kitchener Sting5-4Oakridge A9
Midget-B1128:30 PMWF-Harv St. Catharines CYO White Wings3-1NOTL Wolfpack LL1
Midget-C1138:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Warriors 0-4Oakridge B9
Midget-C1149:00 PMWF-City Kitchener Gryphons2-1NOTL Wolfpack LL2
Saturday, February 11, 2017
AtomRed-A1157:00 AMWF-City Barrie Blackhawks3-2West London B4
AtomRed-A1167:15 AMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener AtoMc Grey0-6Oakridge B4
AtomRed-B1177:30 AMWF-Harv Barrie Redhawks1-1North London C4
AtomRed-B1187:45 AMWF-Tonys Kitchener AtoMc Red2-2Kitchener AtoMc White
MinAtom-A1198:00 AMKins-A North London 232-3Kitchener Bulls
MinAtom-A1208:00 AMMedway Kitchener Otters3-2West London 33
MinAtom-B1218:00 AMWF-City London Bandits 336-2Kitchener Wolves
MinAtom-B1228:15 AMWF-W/HSQ West London 133-2North London 13
MinAtom-C1238:30 AMKins-B North London 33 Panthers7-0Oakridge 13
MinAtom-C1248:30 AMWF-Harv London Bandits 230-3Kitchener Knights
Novice-A1258:45 AMWF-Tonys Oakridge C22-2North London A2
PWWhite-Ch126-QF29:00 AMKins-A North London B66-4Woolwich Wildcats LL2
PWWhite-Ch127-QF39:00 AMMedway Caledonia Sharks2-3Oakville Wild
Novice-B1289:00 AMOakridge Oakridge B28-2North London B2
PWWhite-Ch129-QF19:00 AMWF-City Barrie Orange0-7Strathroy Rockets Blue
Novice-B1309:15 AMWF-W/HSQ West London D21-4London Bandits D2
Novice-B1319:30 AMKins-B Kitchener Wild6-0Oakridge A2
MinMid-A1329:30 AMWF-Harv Oakridge 192-3Guelph Team 4
MinMid-A1339:45 AMWF-Tonys West London 191-1North London 19
MinMid-B13410:00 AMKins-A Oakridge 392-0Barrie Colts
Novice-A13510:00 AMMedway Sarnia Teal Sharks3-0West London B2
MinMid-B13610:00 AMOakridge West London 291-6North London 29
MinMid-C13710:15 AMWF-W/HSQ North London 392-1Whitby Team 5
MinMid-C13810:30 AMKins-B North London 494-0Kitchener Crunch
Midget-A13910:30 AMWF-Harv Oakridge C96-1North London A9
Midget-A14010:45 AMWF-Tonys Hespeler Shamrocks4-2Kitchener Colts
Midget-B14111:00 AMKins-A Oakridge A94-7St. Catharines CYO White Wings
AtomWh-A14211:00 AMMedway West London A47-0Harrow Rams
MinMid-C14311:00 AMWF-City London Bandits 297-2Port Credit 103
Midget-C14411:30 AMKins-B Oakridge B94-1Kitchener Gryphons
AtomWh-A14511:30 AMWF-Harv London Bandits C44-0Ayr Flames 3
Midget-B14611:45 AMWF-Tonys NOTL Wolfpack LL10-7Kitchener Sting
AtomWh-B14712:00 PMKins-A West London C44-1St. Catharines CYO Redwings
AtomWh-B14812:00 PMMedway Oakridge A4 Black Knights3-1West Lorne Comets
Midget-C14912:00 PMWF-City NOTL Wolfpack LL26-0Kitchener Warriors
MinorPW-A15012:30 PMKins-B Oakridge 254-0KItchener Tigers
MinorPW-B15112:30 PMWF-Harv Oakville Avalanche0-1Oakridge 15
MinorPW-A15212:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakville Black Knights3-1North London 15
MinorPW-B1531:00 PMKins-A Kitchener Moose3-0Meadowvale Hawks 062
MinorPW-C1541:00 PMWF-City Barrie Gray5-1North London 25
MinorPW-C1551:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Oakville Red Bulls2-4Oakridge 35
MinorPW-C1561:30 PMKins-B Kitchener Grizzlies1-3West London 25
AtomRed-Ch157-Semi 11:30 PMWF-Harv Barrie Redhawks3-2Oakridge B4
AtomRed-Ch158-Semi 21:45 PMWF-Tonys Barrie Blackhawks5-4North London C4
Bantam-B1592:00 PMKins-A Hespeler Shamrocks1-1Tillsonburg Tornados LL1
MinNov1602:00 PMOakridge North London 117-2Oakridge 31
Bantam-C1612:00 PMWF-City Oakridge B85-0Guelph Hornets
MinNov1622:15 PMWF-W/HSQ North London 21 Avengers4-0London Bandits 11
MinNov1632:30 PMKins-B North London 313-2Oakridge 11
PWRed-A1642:45 PMWF-Harv London Bandits C66-0Waterloo Sharks
PWRed-B1653:00 PMOakridge Barrie RYR Sports4-3Oakridge A6
MinBan-C1663:00 PMWF-City Kitchener Stingrays 1-2Oakridge 27
PWRed-A1673:00 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Rampage 1-3North London C6
MinBan-A1683:15 PMKins-A Oakville Winterhawks1-5Kitchener Scouts
MinBan-B1693:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Oakville Royals3-2Barrie Gray
Bantam-C1703:30 PMKins-B London Bandits C84-3Newmarket Redmen Blue
PWRed-B1713:45 PMWF-Harv Guelph Gryphons Green1-2London Bandits A6
Bantam-C1724:00 PMOakridge Oakridge A84-3Mooretown Black
Bantam-A1734:00 PMWF-City Paris Wolfpack0-5North London C8
MinBan-B1744:00 PMWF-Tonys Oakridge 371-2Kitchener Raiders
MinBan-C1754:15 PMKins-A North London 277-0Port Credit Storm 83
Bantam-B1764:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Cambridge Penguins 3-3North London B8
Bantam-A1774:30 PMKins-B West Lorne Comets7-0Cambridge Maple Leafs
PWRed-B1784:45 PMWF-Harv Port Stanley LL24-0Oakridge B6
PWWhite-Ch179-Semi 15:00 PMOakridge Oakville Wild2-3Lambton Shores Red
PWWhite-Ch180-Semi 25:00 PMWF-City North London B60-2Strathroy Rockets Blue
MinBan-A1815:00 PMWF-Tonys West London 172-2North London 37
Novice-Ch182-SF15:15 PMKins-A Kitchener Wild4-5Sarnia Teal Sharks
MinAtom-Ch183-Semi 15:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener Knights5-3West London 13
MinAtom-Ch184-Semi 25:30 PMKins-B North London 33 Panthers2-5Kitchener Bulls
Novice-Ch185-SF25:45 PMWF-Harv London Bandits D24-9Oakridge B2
MinorPW-Ch186-WC6:00 PMWF-Tonys Barrie Gray3-2Meadowvale Hawks 062
MinMid-A1876:15 PMWF-City North London 191-2Guelph Team 4
MinMid-A1886:30 PMKins-A West London 192-1Oakridge 19
MinNov-Ch189-Semi6:30 PMWF-W/HSQ North London 314-1North London 21 Avengers
MinMid-B1906:45 PMKins-B West London 292-3Oakridge 39
MinMid-B1917:00 PMWF-Harv North London 293-1Barrie Colts
MinMid-C1927:00 PMWF-Tonys Port Credit 1030-5North London 39
MinMid-C1937:15 PMWF-City Whitby Team 52-7North London 49
Midget-A1947:30 PMKins-A North London A92-0Kitchener Colts
Midget-B1957:45 PMKins-B NOTL Wolfpack LL10-4Oakridge A9
MinMid-C1967:45 PMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener Crunch0-4London Bandits 29
Midget-A1978:00 PMWF-Harv Oakridge C94-2Hespeler Shamrocks
Midget-B1988:00 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Sting2-2St. Catharines CYO White Wings
Bantam-Ch199-WC8:30 PMWF-City Oakridge A81-2London Bandits C8
Midget-C2008:45 PMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener Warriors 1-8Kitchener Gryphons
Midget-C2019:00 PMWF-Tonys NOTL Wolfpack LL22-8Oakridge B9
Sunday, February 12, 2017
AtomWh-Ch202-Semi 17:00 AMWF-City West Lorne Comets3-5West London A4
AtomWh-Ch203-Semi 27:30 AMWF-Harv London Bandits C41-2Oakridge A4 Black Knights
MinorPW-Ch204-Semi 27:45 AMWF-Tonys Oakridge 257-1Oakridge 35
MinorPW-Ch205-Semi 18:15 AMWF-City Barrie Gray2-1Kitchener Moose
MinNov-Ch206-Final8:15 AMWF-W/HSQ North London 312-4North London 11
Bantam-Ch207-Semi 28:30 AMWF-Harv North London B86-4West Lorne Comets
Bantam-Ch208-Semi 18:45 AMWF-Tonys London Bandits C83-5Oakridge B8
MinBan-Ch209-Semi 19:30 AMWF-City Oakridge 373-4North London 27
MinBan-Ch210-Semi 29:30 AMWF-W/HSQ West London 172-4Kitchener Raiders
MinMid-Ch211-Semi 19:45 AMWF-Harv London Bandits 290-5North London 49
PWRed-Ch212-Semi 110:00 AMWF-Tonys Oakridge A60-5London Bandits C6
PWRed-Ch213-Semi 210:45 AMWF-W/HSQ Barrie RYR Sports1-2Port Stanley LL2
AtomRed-Ch214-Final11:00 AMWF-Harv Barrie Blackhawks5-2Barrie Redhawks
MinMid-Ch215-Semi 211:15 AMWF-Tonys Guelph Team 44-7North London 29
Midget-Ch216-SF112:00 PMWF-W/HSQ Kitchener Sting3-4Oakridge B9
AtomWh-Ch217-Final12:30 PMWF-Harv Oakridge A4 Black Knights1-2West London A4
Midget-Ch218-SF212:30 PMWF-Tonys St. Catharines CYO White Wings2-9Oakridge C9
Bantam-Ch219-Final1:00 PMWF-City North London B80-3Oakridge B8
Novice-Ch220-Final1:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Oakridge B29-8Sarnia Teal Sharks
MinAtom-Ch221-Final1:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Bulls2-7Kitchener Knights
MinorPW-Ch222-Final2:00 PMWF-Harv Oakridge 251-3Kitchener Moose
MinBan-Ch223-Final2:30 PMWF-City Kitchener Raiders0-1North London 27
MinMid-Ch224-Final2:45 PMWF-W/HSQ North London 290-3North London 49
PWWhite-Ch225-Final3:15 PMWF-Tonys Strathroy Rockets Blue2-3Lambton Shores Red
PWRed-Ch226-Final3:30 PMWF-Harv Port Stanley LL22-1London Bandits C6
Midget-Ch227-Final4:15 PMWF-W/HSQ Oakridge C95-4Oakridge B9
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