Tournament Rules, Bob Stark Classic, 2015-2016 (Oakridge Aeros Minor Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the 2015-2016 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Bob Stark Novice Tournament Rules 2015

All teams must have a representative submit an Approved Roster and Travel Permit 45 minutes before their first game. Players do not need to check-in. Teams should be prepared to start 15 minutes early (except for first game each day).
Home team will wear dark coloured jerseys if available.

Round robin games will consist of three, 10 minute periods with points in the round-robin awarded as follows:

2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss

Again this year: Maximum “official” game score difference is seven (used in tie-breaking formula)

e.g.  a 12-2 game score will be recorded as 9-2 & a 12-0 score as 7-0

Tie Breakers for playoff seeding (applied in order given):

1) If two teams are tied, head to head results will determine placement

2) If three or more teams are tied (or if two teams are tied & did not play each other):

a) total goals for and against formula   i.e.  GF divided by (GF+GA)

b) fewest goals against

c) most goals for

d) most periods won

e) fewest penalty minutes

The game clock will “run” (unless there is an injury) in the 3rd period if the difference in goals is five or more. Penalties will be served as three minutes for a minor and seven for a major (player cannot return to the ice during a face-off). Stop time will resume in championship final games only if the difference becomes three goals or less.

Quarter and Semi-Finals 10-10-12   Championship Final games will be 10-10-15

If play-off games are tied, there will be one, five minute “sudden-victory” period of three on three skaters plus a goalie. Players can be substituted freely during this period. During overtime, a penalty will result in the non-offending team adding a player to the ice (max. advantage 5 on 3). The penalized player may return to the ice after serving the penalty (unless there are more than two penalties), but three on three, or four on three, will resume immediately after the next whistle. Penalties carry over from the 3rd period.

A shoot-out will follow, with each team choosing three shooters plus an alternate (all players selected before the game). The cumulative score of all three shooters will determine the winner.

If still tied, a sudden-victory shootout will take place, with each team shooting until one team scores and the other doesn’t. No player can shoot twice before all others have participated. Goalies in shootout can be changed if desired (no warm-up).

Teams are permitted one, 30 second time-out during Championship final games only. This time out cannot be saved for overtime.

All major penalties and suspensions will be served as per the OHF minimum suspension rules. All coach ejections will also be reviewed and may result additionally in his/her removal from the rest of the Tournament.

Semi-final trophy presentations will occur in dressing rooms, Championship presentations on ice (if time permits). Tournament committee reserves the right to change the format due to unforeseen circumstances.