General Information / Rules, Oakridge Aeros House League Classic, 2014-2015 (Oakridge Aeros Minor Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the 2014-2015 season, which is not set as the current season.
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13th Annual Oakridge Aeros House League Classic - February 13 - 15, 2015
Alliance Sanction # 15-009


Minor or Major Novice  
Minor or Major Atom  $810
Minor or Major Peewee  $835
Minor or Major Bantam  $860
Minor or Major Midget  $895

No gate fees - three games guaranteed (non-curfewed)

Most teams will play Friday during the daytime hours.

More information needed?
Contact:  Pat Caron
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (519) 472 - 9704

Rules and Regulations 
A representative for each team is to register with a tournament convenor at the registration table located at the arena of your first game 45 minutes prior to start time. 

At this time you must provide a copy of your approved roster along with a travel permit. Players do not have to sign in. 

If you are using APs, you need a roster from their original team and an AP list. Please refrain from “stacking” your house league team with talented APs as this is unfair to your regular players and the other teams in the division. You cannot dress more players than the number found on your original team roster. Players can only play or AP for one team in the tournament. 
New this year: Teams can only use a maximum of two Affiliated Players in the tournament and they must come from a younger age group.

All teams require a certified trainer on the bench. 

All teams must be ready to play their games at least 15 minutes in advance of the 
scheduled start time. (except for first game of the day at each arena) 

All divisions are non-body checking. 

Novice house league will not use the two minute shift clock.

A three minute warm-up will be permitted at the start of each game. All round-robin 
games, will consist of three periods of 10 minutes each, stop time (Minor/Major Midget 10/10/15). 

Ice will be flooded at the end of the game. 

The time clock will run on straight time during the third period when the goal differential is five or more. Penalties (three minutes for minors, seven for majors) will also run on straight time during this scenario. If the difference becomes three, clock will revert to stop time in playoff games only. 

One 30 second timeout per team will be allowed in Championship Final games only. It cannot be saved for overtime. 

Should a conflict with jersey colours arise, the tournament organizers will provide jerseys to the HOME TEAM if both teams only have 1 set. If one team has an alternate set, they will be required to wear the set that is opposite the other team. Please try to borrow an extra set from your home association if available. 

In all divisions, points will be awarded as follows: 
WIN – 2 points, LOSS – 0 points, TIE – 1 point 

Maximum goal differential for games will be 7 
(e.g. a 13-2 final score will be officially recorded as 9-2, if 10-0 as 7-0) 

Teams will each play their round robin games. The teams with the most cumulative points will advance. Should there be a tie between teams after round robin play, the following tie breaking formulas will be used in this order: 

(1) if one team has a win over the other, the team with the win will advance 
(2)** if teams are still tied, or if there is no head-to-head available, the team with the highest % goal average GF/ (GF+GA) will advance 
(3) if teams are still tied, the team with the least GA will advance 
(4) if teams are still tied, the team with the most GF will advance 
(5) team with fewest penalty minutes advances 
(6) coin toss 

NOTE: ** If more than 2 teams are tied in points or for determining "Wild card" advancement/playoff seeding, officials will go directly to (2) above. 

Playoff Format 

All playoff games will consist of three periods 10/10/15 

Any tied play-off game will be decided in a sudden victory overtime period consisting of five minutes of three on three. 

A penalty will result in the non-offending team adding a player(s) to the ice. When the penalty expires, teams will play four on four, or five on four, until the next whistle, when three on three, or four on three will resume. Maximum player difference is five on three. 

If the teams remain tied after overtime, a shootout format will be used. Each team will pick three players (numbers/names and order to be submitted earlier with the game sheet). Each of the three players will shoot once (teams alternate shots, visiting team shoots first) the total goals after the first three shooters will determine the winner. If still tied, the first team to score on a round when the other team does not, will be the winner. No player can shoot twice until all have participated. Players who were still serving a penalty before overtime expired are ineligble for the shootout.

Player suspensions for various infractions will be administered as per the Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario rules. Any team permitting a player to participate in a game that he/she is suspended for will automatically forfeit the game 3-0. 

Any player who incurs a major penalty for fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. 

A Gross Misconduct will result in an automatic suspension for the remainder of the tournament. 

A forfeited game will result in a 3-0 score.

Awards will be given out to the Champions and Finalists in each division. 

Tournament committee reserves the right to curfew games if needed or change the schedule at any time as needed.