Schedule & Results, Oakridge Classic Houseleague Tournament, 2013-2014 (Oakridge Aeros Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 14, 2014
MinAtomA7110:15 AMWF-Wast. SSE London 23 Atomic Gators5-0Kitchener Platers
MinNov1110:30 AMCarl-B North London 11 Red Rockets2-2Oakridge 11
MinAtomB4910:30 AMWF-Harv. Kitchener Bulls0-3SSE London 13 Green Ninjas
MinAtomB6010:45 AMWF-Tonys Newmarket Velocity Green6-2Oakridge 13
MinNov111:00 AMCarl.-A North London 412-2Oakridge 21
MinAtomA3911:00 AMWF-City Oakridge 231-7Oakville Red Bulls
MajAR-C7211:15 AMWF-Wast. Oakridge C42-3Barrie McDonalds-White
MajAWhite1211:30 AMCarl-B Mooretown Storm5-2Cambridge Senators
MinNov3011:30 AMStron-B North London 21 Blue Bombers7-3West London 41
MinPWA5011:30 AMWF-Harv. Kitchener Rattlers0-7Oakridge 15
MajAR-C6111:45 AMWF-Tonys West London C46-1Cambridge Devils
MajAR-C212:00 PMCarl.-A Oakridge B42-2Waterloo Lightning
MinAtomB2112:00 PMStron-A Barrie Red Rockets1-1North London 23 White Knights
MajAR-A4012:00 PMWF-City Cambridge Black Hawks3-2Kitchener AtoMc White
MajAR-B7312:15 PMWF-Wast. Cambridge Atomic Sharks5-4North London C4 Blue Lightning
MajAWhite3112:30 PMStron-B Sarnia White Lightning1-7Oakridge A4
MajNov5112:30 PMWF-Harv. North London A2 White Lightning4-3Oakridge A2
MajNov6212:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakridge B22-6Barrie Fire Blades
MajAR-A221:00 PMStron-A Waterloo Stars1-4North London B4 Men in Black
MajPW-A31:00 PMCarl.-A Kitchener Phantoms0-2North London B6
MajPW-A411:00 PMWF-City Guelph Gryphons 3-1West London MHA A6
MajNov741:15 PMWF-Wast. Oakridge C23-4Caledonia Sharks
MajPW-B141:30 PMCarl-B Kitchener Gladiators1-2West London B6
MajAR-B321:30 PMStron-B Waterloo Leafs6-2West London A4
MajPW-B521:30 PMWF-Harv. Oakridge A66-1St Catharines Star of the Sea Redwings
MinPWB631:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Lions6-2LMHA 15
MinPWB232:00 PMStron-A Oakridge 251-6North London 15
MajPW-C42:00 PMCarl.-A North London C65-2Pelham Panthers
MajPW-C422:00 PMWF-City Oakridge C6 Thunder2-1Barrie Barriston Law Grey
MinBanA752:15 PMWF-Wast. Waterloo JDI5-0Oakridge 17
MinBanB152:30 PMCarl-B Kitchener Wildcats2-2Oakridge 37
MajPW-C332:30 PMStron-B LMHA A64-2Kitchener Rampage
MinAtomB532:30 PMWF-Harv. Oakridge 131-4Kitchener Bulls
MinBanB642:45 PMWF-Tonys SSE London 17 Wild Dogs5-0North London 27 Stars
MinNov243:00 PMStron-A Oakridge 114-5North London 21 Blue Bombers
MinAtomA433:00 PMWF-City Kitchener Platers0-2Oakridge 23
MinAtomA53:00 PMCarl.-A Oakville Red Bulls1-2SSE London 23 Atomic Gators
MinNov763:15 PMWF-Wast. Oakridge 213-3North London 11 Red Rockets
MajAR-C163:30 PMCarl-B Cambridge Devils4-1Oakridge C4
MinAtomB343:30 PMStron-B North London 23 White Knights7-3Newmarket Velocity Green
MajAWhite543:30 PMWF-Harv. Cambridge Senators7-1Sarnia White Lightning
MajAWhite653:45 PMWF-Tonys Oakridge A42-7Mooretown Storm
MinAtomB254:00 PMStron-A SSE London 13 Green Ninjas1-4Barrie Red Rockets
MajNov444:00 PMWF-City North London A2 White Lightning2-1Oakridge C2
MajNov64:00 PMCarl.-A Oakridge A24-9Barrie Fire Blades
MajAR-C774:15 PMWF-Wast. Waterloo Lightning2-3West London C4
MinPWA174:30 PMCarl-B North London 252-2Kitchener Rattlers
MinNov354:30 PMStron-B West London 414-4North London 41
MajAR-A554:30 PMWF-Harv. Kitchener AtoMc White1-1Waterloo Stars
MajAR-B664:45 PMWF-Tonys West London A41-8Cambridge Atomic Sharks
MajAR-B265:00 PMStron-A North London C4 Blue Lightning3-3Waterloo Leafs
MinMidC455:00 PMWF-City Barrie Colts Plumbtech4-4Sarnia Police
MajAR-C75:00 PMCarl.-A Barrie McDonalds-White8-3Oakridge B4
MinMidA785:15 PMWF-Wast. Guelph Meyer Wood Design2-1Oakville Lightning
MinMidA185:30 PMCarl-B Waterloo Lowes3-4Oakridge 29
MajAR-A365:30 PMStron-B North London B4 Men in Black3-9Cambridge Black Hawks
MinBanA565:30 PMWF-Harv. SSE London 273-3Waterloo JDI
MinBanB675:45 PMWF-Tonys North London 27 Stars3-1Kitchener Wildcats
MajNov276:00 PMStron-A Caledonia Sharks1-4Oakridge B2
MinMidB466:15 PMWF-City Guelph Barry Cullen Chev. Olds.7-2Newmarket Deli House
MinPWB376:30 PMStron-B North London 157-0Kitchener Lions
MajBan576:30 PMWF-Harv. St. Catharines CYO Star of the Sea Red Wings5-2Oakridge B8
MinMidB796:30 PMWF-Wast. North London 29 Netsolve5-1Ajax Seydaco Pkg
MajMidA196:45 PMCarl-B Kitchener Lancers1-0Oakridge B9
MinPWB686:45 PMWF-Tonys LMHA 156-6Oakridge 25
MinBanB287:00 PMStron-A Oakridge 373-5SSE London 17 Wild Dogs
MajMidA97:00 PMCarl.-A Waterloo Wolves Canadian Tire6-5Sarnia SW Regional Credit Union
MinMidC387:30 PMStron-B LMHA 197-0North London 39
MajBan477:30 PMWF-City LaSalle Sabres0-4Copper Cliff Eagles
MajMidC587:30 PMWF-Harv. SSE London A92-2St. Catharines CYO St Julia Eagles
MajMidD697:45 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Rebels2-5SSE London B9
MajMidD807:45 PMWF-Wast. Oakville Opponents0-6LMHA C9
MajMidE208:00 PMCarl-B LMHA B93-2Sarnia OPG Red
MajBan298:00 PMStron-A Sarnia OPG - Orange4-4SSE London A8
MajMidB108:15 PMCarl.-A Kitchener Gryphons6-0Oakridge D9
MajMidB488:30 PMWF-City West London B93-3Copper Cliff Chiefs
MinBanA598:45 PMWF-Harv. Oakridge 171-8SSE London 27
MajMidC709:00 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Colts3-6Oakridge A9
MajMidE819:00 PMWF-Wast. North London C9 Waltzing Weasel4-1St Catharines CYO Star of the Sea Red Wings
Saturday, February 15, 2014
MajPW-A1187:00 AMWF-City North London B60-0West London MHA A6
MajPW-B1587:15 AMWF-Wast. West London B60-3Oakridge A6
MajPW-A1327:30 AMWF-Harv. Kitchener Phantoms0-3Guelph Gryphons
MajPW-B1457:45 AMWF-Tonys St Catharines Star of the Sea Redwings0-4Kitchener Gladiators
MajPW-C1068:00 AMMedway Pelham Panthers4-3LMHA A6
MajPW-C1198:00 AMWF-City Kitchener Rampage1-1Oakridge C6 Thunder
MajPW-C828:00 AMKins-A Barrie Barriston Law Grey0-3North London C6
MajAR-B1598:15 AMWF-Wast. North London C4 Blue Lightning6-2West London A4
MajAR-A1338:30 AMWF-Harv. North London B4 Men in Black0-4Kitchener AtoMc White
MajAR-A948:30 AMKins-B Cambridge Black Hawks7-0Waterloo Stars
MajAR-B1468:45 AMWF-Tonys Waterloo Leafs3-4Cambridge Atomic Sharks
MajAR-C1079:00 AMMedway Oakridge B42-4Cambridge Devils
MajAR-C1209:00 AMWF-City Waterloo Lightning2-0Oakridge C4
MajAR-C839:00 AMKins-A West London C43-5Barrie McDonalds-White
MinAtomA1609:15 AMWF-Wast. Oakville Red Bulls7-1Kitchener Platers
MajMidA1219:30 AMOakridge Sarnia SW Regional Credit Union3-5Kitchener Lancers
MinAtomB1349:30 AMWF-Harv. Newmarket Velocity Green0-7SSE London 13 Green Ninjas
MinAtomA959:30 AMKins-B SSE London 23 Atomic Gators2-1Oakridge 23
MinAtomB1479:45 AMWF-Tonys Kitchener Bulls1-3North London 23 White Knights
MajMidA10810:00 AMMedway Oakridge B91-1Waterloo Wolves Canadian Tire
MinAtomB8410:00 AMKins-A Barrie Red Rockets8-1Oakridge 13
MajMidB16110:15 AMWF-Wast. Copper Cliff Chiefs1-3Kitchener Gryphons
MajMidC13510:30 AMWF-Harv. Oakridge A93-6SSE London A9
MajMidB9610:30 AMKins-B Oakridge D93-1West London B9
MajMidE12210:45 AMOakridge Sarnia OPG Red2-2North London C9 Waltzing Weasel
MajMidC14810:45 AMWF-Tonys St. Catharines CYO St Julia Eagles3-4Kitchener Colts
MajMidE8511:00 AMKins-A LMHA B93-3St Catharines CYO Star of the Sea Red Wings
MajMidD10911:15 AMMedway SSE London B97-0Oakville Opponents
MajNov16211:30 AMWF-Wast. Caledonia Sharks1-2Oakridge A2
MajPW-A13611:45 AMWF-Harv. North London B65-0Guelph Gryphons
MajPW-B9711:45 AMKins-B St Catharines Star of the Sea Redwings2-6West London B6
MajPW-A14912:00 PMWF-Tonys West London MHA A60-3Kitchener Phantoms
MajPW-B8612:15 PMKins-A Oakridge A67-2Kitchener Gladiators
MajPW-C11012:30 PMMedway North London C64-0Kitchener Rampage
MajPW-C12312:30 PMWF-City Oakridge C6 Thunder4-0Pelham Panthers
MinMidA13712:45 PMWF-Harv. Oakville Lightning0-6Waterloo Lowes
MinPWA16312:45 PMWF-Wast. Oakridge 154-3North London 25
MajPW-C9812:45 PMKins-B LMHA A61-3Barrie Barriston Law Grey
MinMidB1501:00 PMWF-Tonys Ajax Seydaco Pkg3-5Guelph Barry Cullen Chev. Olds.
MinMidB871:15 PMKins-A Newmarket Deli House1-6North London 29 Netsolve
MinMidC1241:30 PMWF-City LMHA 197-0Sarnia Police
MajMidD1641:45 PMWF-Wast. LMHA C91-3Kitchener Rebels
MinMidC991:45 PMKins-B North London 393-0Barrie Colts Plumbtech
MinNov1112:00 PMOakridge North London 413-6Oakridge 11
MinMidA1382:00 PMWF-Harv. Oakridge 297-0Guelph Meyer Wood Design
MinNov1512:15 PMWF-Tonys North London 21 Blue Bombers4-0Oakridge 21
MajNov882:30 PMKins-A Barrie Fire Blades9-2Oakridge C2
MajAWhite1252:45 PMWF-City Mooretown Storm6-1Sarnia White Lightning
MajNov1652:45 PMWF-Wast. Oakridge B21-6North London A2 White Lightning
MinBanCh100-QF 23:00 PMKins-B Oakridge 372-3Waterloo JDI
MajAWhite1123:00 PMOakridge Cambridge Senators3-3Oakridge A4
MinBanCh139-QF 13:15 PMWF-Harv. Kitchener Wildcats2-3SSE London 27
MinNov1523:15 PMWF-Tonys North London 11 Red Rockets1-4West London 41
MinBanCh89-QF 33:30 PMKins-A Oakridge 171-6North London 27 Stars
MajBan1263:45 PMWF-City Oakridge B86-1LaSalle Sabres
MinPWCH166-QF 13:45 PMWF-Wast. Kitchener Rattlers1-6Kitchener Lions
MajMidA1134:00 PMOakridge Sarnia SW Regional Credit Union5-1Oakridge B9
MajBan1014:15 PMKins-B SSE London A83-8St. Catharines CYO Star of the Sea Red Wings
MajBan1534:15 PMWF-Tonys Copper Cliff Eagles7-0Sarnia OPG - Orange
MinPWCH140-QF24:30 PMWF-Harv. LMHA 151-3North London 25
MinPWCH127-QF34:45 PMWF-City Oakridge 254-5Oakridge 15
MajMidC1674:45 PMWF-Wast. SSE London A94-4Kitchener Colts
MajMidE904:45 PMKins-A St Catharines CYO Star of the Sea Red Wings4-2Sarnia OPG Red
MajMidB1025:15 PMKins-B Kitchener Gryphons1-1West London B9
MajMidA1145:15 PMOakridge Kitchener Lancers1-6Waterloo Wolves Canadian Tire
MajMidD1545:15 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Rebels8-1Oakville Opponents
MajMidB1415:30 PMWF-Harv. Copper Cliff Chiefs5-1Oakridge D9
MajMidD1285:45 PMWF-City LMHA C91-7SSE London B9
MajMidE1686:00 PMWF-Wast. North London C9 Waltzing Weasel3-0LMHA B9
MajMidC916:00 PMKins-A Oakridge A94-6St. Catharines CYO St Julia Eagles
MajPW-Ch103-QF #16:30 PMKins-B Guelph Gryphons 1-5North London B6
MinAtomCh115-QF6:30 PMOakridge SSE London 13 Green Ninjas2-0North London 23 White Knights
MajAR-Ch142-QF16:30 PMWF-Harv. Kitchener AtoMc White4-2Barrie McDonalds-White
MajAR-Ch155-QF26:30 PMWF-Tonys Cambridge Devils3-4West London C4
MajPW-Ch129-QF #27:00 PMWF-City West London B64-5Oakridge C6 Thunder
MinBanCh169-semi 27:15 PMWF-Wast. Waterloo JDI1-4SSE London 27
MinBanCh92-semi 17:15 PMKins-A North London 27 Stars2-4SSE London 17 Wild Dogs
MinMidC1047:45 PMKins-B Sarnia Police3-2North London 39
MinMidB1167:45 PMOakridge North London 29 Netsolve3-0Guelph Barry Cullen Chev. Olds.
MinMidA1437:45 PMWF-Harv. Waterloo Lowes3-2Guelph Meyer Wood Design
MinMidB1567:45 PMWF-Tonys Ajax Seydaco Pkg6-3Newmarket Deli House
MinMidC1308:15 PMWF-City Barrie Colts Plumbtech1-3LMHA 19
MajBan1708:30 PMWF-Wast. St. Catharines CYO Star of the Sea Red Wings4-2Copper Cliff Eagles
MinMidA938:30 PMKins-A Oakville Lightning1-2Oakridge 29
MajBan1059:00 PMKins-B LaSalle Sabres0-4SSE London A8
MajBan1179:00 PMOakridge Sarnia OPG - Orange1-6Oakridge B8
MajMidCh144-QF 19:00 PMWF-Harv. Copper Cliff Chiefs0-6SSE London B9
MajMidCh157-QF 29:00 PMWF-Tonys Kitchener Lancers1-4Kitchener Gryphons
MajMidCh131-QF 39:30 PMWF-City Kitchener Rebels3-1North London C9 Waltzing Weasel
MajMidCh171-QF 49:30 PMWF-Wast. SSE London A91-6Waterloo Wolves Canadian Tire
Sunday, February 16, 2014
MinPWCH172-SF18:00 AMWF-City North London 251-3North London 15
MinNovCh179-semi8:15 AMWF-Wast. West London 414-3Oakridge 11
MinPWCH186-SF28:30 AMWF-Harv. Kitchener Lions2-7Oakridge 15
MajNovCh192-semi8:45 AMWF-Tonys Caledonia Sharks0-2North London A2 White Lightning
MinAtomCh173-semi #19:00 AMWF-City SSE London 13 Green Ninjas2-4SSE London 23 Atomic Gators
MinAtomCh180-semi #29:15 AMWF-Wast. Oakville Red Bulls0-5Barrie Red Rockets
MajAR-Ch187-semi 19:30 AMWF-Harv. West London C45-4Cambridge Black Hawks
MajAR-Ch193-semi 29:45 AMWF-Tonys Kitchener AtoMc White6-3Cambridge Atomic Sharks
MajPW-Ch174-semi 110:15 AMWF-City Oakridge C6 Thunder1-2North London C6
MajPW-Ch181-semi 210:30 AMWF-Wast. North London B62-1Oakridge A6
MajAW-Ch188-Final10:45 AMWF-Harv. Cambridge Senators3-6Mooretown Storm
MajBanCh194-semi11:00 AMWF-Tonys Oakridge B82-6Copper Cliff Eagles
MajMidCh175-semi 111:30 AMWF-City Waterloo Wolves Canadian Tire2-6SSE London B9
MinBanCh182-Final11:30 AMWF-Wast. SSE London 272-3SSE London 17 Wild Dogs
MinMidCh189-semi 212:15 PMWF-Harv. Oakridge 295-0North London 29 Netsolve
MinMidCh195-semi 112:15 PMWF-Tonys Waterloo Lowes3-2LMHA 19
MajMidCh176-semi 212:45 PMWF-City Kitchener Rebels2-3Kitchener Gryphons
MinNovCh183-Final1:00 PMWF-Wast. West London 414-5North London 21 Blue Bombers
MinAtomCh196-Final1:15 PMWF-Tonys Barrie Red Rockets5-4SSE London 23 Atomic Gators
MajAR-Ch191-Final1:30 PMWF-Harv. Kitchener AtoMc White6-3West London C4
MajPW-Ch177-Final2:00 PMWF-City North London B63-1North London C6
MajNovCh184-Final2:30 PMWF-Wast. North London A2 White Lightning0-6Barrie Fire Blades
MajBanCh197-Final2:45 PMWF-Tonys Copper Cliff Eagles5-2St. Catharines CYO Star of the Sea Red Wings
MinPWCH190-Final3:00 PMWF-Harv. Oakridge 151-4North London 15
MinMidCh178-Final3:30 PMWF-City Oakridge 291-2Waterloo Lowes
MajMidCh185-Final4:00 PMWF-Wast. Kitchener Gryphons0-5SSE London B9
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